Dr. Christoph Demuth IDC CIO Forum Austria 2016

IDC CIO Forum Austria 2016 (13.-14.11.2016)

Krems/Donau, Lower Austria, 13.-14.11.2016: Stratum Traffic Engineering GmbH, represented by its Managing Partner Christoph Demuth has been present on the IDC CIO Forum Austria 2016. The main focus of the Forum has been “Digital Transformation“.

1.Data Protection will more and more influence the strategy of companies 

The first session on 13.11.2016 which has been held by Dr. Stefan Winkelbauer of aringer herbst Winkel B Auer rechtsanwälte briefly analyzed expected changes of General Data Protection Regulation which will be set in force in May 2018, replacing Austria’s DSG 2000, which expects a massive impact on Austria’s economy. For example, a breach may cause a fine of up to 20 Million EUR, whereas today such breach may only cause a fine of up to EUR 25,000.

Therefore executives need to consider these topics in daily business and thus need to align overall strategies with ICT and Compliance matters.

2.Digital Transformation already takes place

Referring to the various interesting key note speeches and discussions it is evidenced that digital transformation has already influenced the whole economy. Cloud, Big Data, Social Business and Mobility will be the major drivers of digital transformation. It is expected that cloud-based services will reach 50% in 2020.

Moreover so-called generation z which currently enters labor market or already has been entered labor market will also influence future business. This generation will avoid work-live-blending expecting a certain freedom and fun within their working environment.

Kurt Siegel, VP Manufacturing Solutions, Magna Automotive Europe

Kurt Siegel, VP Manufacturing Solutions, Magna Automotive Europe

Mr. Siegel of Magna Automotive Europe in his key note “Operating Model Transformation as a Foundation for Success in Digital Enterprise has shown how digital transformation already influences production processes.

However, it will be necessary to analyze processes and business models in light of digital transformation for generating continuous growth. These circumstances are not only a burden for established enterprises but will be an opportunity for incumbents, as well as start-ups, large, as well as small and medium enterprises (SME).

3.Digital transformation will influence ITS applications

Summarizing digital transformation will also influence the market for intelligent transport systems (ITS). Not only implementing pay as you drive payment schemes on our transport infrastructure, but also modern traffic management will be influenced by digital transformation.

In the sense of Internet of the Things (IoT), there is a trend to connect all kind of traffic related sensors and subsystems within one single traffic management platform enabling operators of transport infrastructure to control and manage all sub-systems from one GUI.

Screenshot of InVipo Traffic Management Platform

Screenshot of InVipo Traffic Management Platform