As a consulting and services orientated company, it is imperative that we maintain high standards in everything we provide and do. Our multidisciplinary team therefore consists of scientists and consultants with strong knowledge and expertise in the field of transport economics; transport analysis and transport planning; road safety; as well as the implementation of intelligent transport systems (ITS) such as traffic management and road pricing. Stratum employs a number of permanent consultants and engineers, but it also engages some international leading traffic and transportation experts, who are engaged on project-by-project basis.

The leading partners and consultants of Stratum are:


Prof. Dr. Dago Antov

Dago Antov has a M.Sc. in Geo-Informatics and Cartography from Tartu University and a DI (M.Sc. Tech)) in civil engineer-road engineering from the Tallinn University of Technology (TUT). Currently, Prof. Antov is Chair of Transportation Logistics at Faculty of Civil Engineering within the Department of Transportation at TUT. Moreover he is managing partner of Stratum OÜ and also one of the founders of the company. Dago therefore special expertise in transportation studies, road safety and transportation planning. For more information, please visit this link.


Margus Nigol

Margus Nigol is managing director of Stratum OÜ. Margus Nigol graduated from Tallinn University of Technology (TUT) in 1993 with DI (M.Sc. Tech)) as mechanical engineer. He has worked in traffic consulting for Stratum as engineer-consultant since 1997. Moreover, since 2008 he is also Head of the Board. Margus also works as a traffic management lector and researcher at Tallinn University. He is specialized in traffic engineering and traffic management, traffic signalling, road safety audits, as well as road safety inspection.

Harri Rõuk

Harri graduated with a DI (M.Sc. Tech)) in 1982 from the Tallinn University of Technology (TUT) and is senior consultant and project manager at Stratum. He has worked TUT since his graduation and has given lectures in a number of fields such as computer science, geodesy and road engineering. Harri is therefore considered an expert in the fields of transportation modelling; GIS; transportation databases; road management; road and traffic engineering; public transport; and has written and contributed to over 10 different publications. In addition to this, he has given presentations at numerous conventions and workshops in his field of expertise. Harri Rouk has been part of the Stratum team for over 10 years, and has therefore been influential in the development of a number of transport projects in Estonia. Harri is also fluent in a number of languages including Estonian, Finnish, English and Russian.


Tarmo Sulger

Tarmo graduated with DI (M.Sc. Tech)) in Road Energy from the Tallinn University of Technolgy in 1993. He has been working as a consultant at Stratum since 1992 and has special expertise in the field of road network analysis and traffic management projects. Tarmo has proficiency in a number of software applications relevant for his role such as CitiCube, AutoCAD and others. He is therefore an integral member of the team and has great expertise in primary data collection, modelling and analysis. In addition to his role at Stratum, Tarmo has been a lectur at the Tallinn University of Applied Sciences since 2005.


Imre Antso

Imre Antso has been part of the Stratum team since 2005. In terms of qualifications, Imre has an M.Sc. in Human Geography from Tartu University. Currently, he is also PhD student in the Department of Logistics in Tallinn University of Technology. His fields of expertise are data collection and analysing methodologies concerning transport studies; transportation and urban planning; and public transportation network planning. In addition to this, Imre has also participated in several projects involving the creation of transportation development plans and and transportation analysis.


Kristiina Abel

Kristiina Abel has graduated from Tartu University in 2006 as geographer. She has worked in Stratum as transport planning consultant since 2007. She is also currently a PhD student at the Tartu University in the field of transport modelling and a student at Tallinna Tehnikakõrgkool University of Applied Sciences to get the diploma of an applied engineer in the field of transport and logistics. Her field of expertise are writing transport and road safety related development documents, transport-related guidelines, also data collection and analyzing methodologies concerning transport studies. She has been involved in several international projects, also as a consultant for local municipalities.


Prof. Dr. Georg Hauger

Georg Hauger has a DI (M.Sc tech.)in Landscape Planning from University of Bodenkulur Vienna and a Dr. techn. in transportation planning from the Vienna University of Technology (VUT). Since 2004, Prof. Hauger is Head of Institute for Transportation Planning IVS in the Department of Spatial Planning at VUT. Moreover he is president of ConnectSoutEast, partner of Stratum International and also one of the founders of the consulting company science:talk and Scientific Advisor at Austrian Road Safety Board (KFV). Prof. Haugers key qualifications are in expertise in transportation studies, road safety and transportation planning and transport economy. For more information, please visit this link.


Dr. Christoph N. Demuth, CMC

Christoph Demuth is Managing Partner of Stratum Traffic Engineering GmbH and a senior level business development and project management specialist as well as executive manager.  Christoph has special expertise in Information Technologies, Controlling and Intelligent Transport Systems as well as Transport Economics. For more than a decade he has been working within the ICT and ITS Industry participating in various tolling projects within Europe and South Africa and has developed and accompanied the implementation of operations department for a large tolling company on the US market. In the past Christoph has also been working for Munich Airport, British Airways, Coca Cola, Raiffeisen Group,  Kapsch and Norwegian BT Signaal. Christoph is also holding various management positions providing temporary management. Moreover, Christoph is managing partner at Demuth Business Partner, as well as honorary managing director of NGO ConnectBaltica in Tallinn, member of the Board at ITSMALTA as well as Connect South East. Moreover Christoph works as lector at Tallinn University of Technology (TTU), Silesian School of Management in Katowice (SWSZ) and FH des bifi in Vienna. Christoph has studied at Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU) and has a PhD in Economics.


Michael Wengermayer

Born in Munich in 1962, Michael started his professional career in the early 80s as an operator in the Computing Centre of the “Bayerische Versicherungskammer”, an insurance company in South Germany. After a short period of time he was promoted to the management of the enterprise-wide IT storage management as well as the development and maintenance of system programs in the systems engineering.In 1988 Michael moved to Masstor Systems, an American manufacturer of high performance mass storage solutions, where he took the responsibility for the Southern German market functioning as a system consultant for software and hardware.

As he moved 1991 to Sterling Software, an American company specialized in application and system management software, he switched from being a consultant to sales. He established and developed the Munich Branch Office and accounted for the sales activities in the areas of Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg, Austria and the Switzerland.

In the year 2000 Sterling Software was acquired by the U.S. software giant Computer Associates and this meant both a change of the employer, and also a change of the location. In 2001 Michael moved to Vienna, where he was occupied as the Country Manager of the Austrian organization with the responsibility for Sales (Direct and Indirect), Presales, Services, Education, Marketing, Public Relations and Customer Relations.

The love for Vienna has continued…

From early 2008 on, Michael is running his Vienna-based “wengermayer business consulting” with the two business areas, management consulting and personnel consulting.


Josef A. Czako

Josef A. Czako, President and CEO of Moving Forward Consulting, is an experienced Consultancy, Management and Business Development professional in the fields of Road Transport and Mobility, ITS – Intelligent Transportation Systems, Road Pricing and Road Finance, Road Safety, or Smart Technologies. He has worked for global enterprises, like Kapsch TrafficCom, Cubic Transportation Systems, INIT, or Robert Bosch. Josef Czako is a frequent speaker at many Conferences worldwide, and is supporting Global Transport Associations like Asecap, ERF, Ertico, IBTTA, IRF, ITF, IRU, POLIS, UNECE, or CONNECT BALTICA, as well as National ITS Associations worldwide.

Key Experts

Stratum OÜ also has a multi-national network of key experts in the field of traffic engineering, road safety, project development and project management. These experts are employed on a project-by-project basis.


Günter Köck

Günter Köck is Partner and Senior Consultant in Stratum since October 2014. Günter is a well experienced IT Manager with special expertise in Information and communication Technologies (ICT) as well as Business Development. Günter has many years been engaged within the Austrian Raiffeisen Group in Vienna ( Raiffeisen Informatik) and Raiffeisen Bank Ukraine.