Stratum OÜ is one of the oldest Estonian professional consulting company specialized in transport planning and traffic management. Founded in 1988, Stratum has long-term working experience and high competence in the field of transport economics; traffic analysis; traffic modelling; road and traffic engineering; road safety as well as Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and Project Development and Management. Stratum and it’s team has been involved in many projects regarding preparation of national legislation as well as the development of traffic solutions including ITS Applications such as Tolling or Road Pricing. In light of this, our clients originate from both the public and private sectors.

Stratum OÜ is based in Tallinn, Estonia, and is a fully private and independent consulting company. Stratum OÜ and its subsidiary Stratum Traffic Engineering GmbH has offices in Tallinn and Vienna. Moreover the Stratum Network has offices in Munich, Bonn, Skopje and Marsa (Malta).

Stratum also has great experience in international cooperation and contacts with many other transport engineering and traffic specialists in various European countries on state and local level. We have therefore cooperated with international companies in countries such as Finland, Sweden, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Australia, Denmark, Austria, Poland, Greece, Ukraine and many others. Moreover, Stratum also has strong relations to partners from other Baltic Countries such as Latvia and Lithuania, as well as Western Europe and Scandinavia.

Stratum has been present at conferences and workshops in Brighton, London, Karlsruhe, Paris, Malmö, Cracow, Vilnius, Riga, Pretoria, Tallinn, Moscow, St. Petersburg and numerous others. Stratum OÜ is also member of ICTCT (International Co-operation of Traffic Concepts and Theories, secretariat in Vienna, Austria).